Assault Cube Hack.

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Assault Cube Hack.

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:26 am

Hey guys. a Dxt Made Assault Cube Hack

Read This before u Download!

You Need to pack the .exe in Your Assault Cube Folder e.g : C:/Programms/AssaultCubev_1.0/bin_win32 there you will see Ac Client pick it and drop it to your desktop.Then Take the Downloaded Client put it in there. now go to

C:/Programms/AssaultCubev_1.0/packages/maps/offical in the folder Offical are maps. copy them and go to C:/Programms/AssaultCubev_1.0/packages/maps and past them!

Now the Controls :

/dxtRecoil 1 = NoRecoil
/dxtSpread 1 = No Spread
/dxtLight 1 = Full Bright
/dxtAim 1 = Aimbot
/dxtTrigger 1 = TriggerBot ( best for sniper )
/dxtNuke 1 = Nuke nades!
/dxtTele [CN] = Teleport to player [CN] Explain: CN is when u Press Tab u Will see next to ping a Number. that u need to put in.
/dxtItem 1 = Pick up all Items in Server.
/dxtSteal 1 = Name Steal
/dxtGravity 1 = Low Gravity
/dxtSpeed 1 = Speedhack
/dxtBeam 1 = Beam to players
/dxtKnife 1 = Knife hack [ can hit through walls, and long range knife.
/dxtOpk 1 = opk [ Takes all players to your position )
/dxtName 1 = Name ESP
/dxtBox 1 = Box ESP

Have fun!



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